James B. Avey PhD



Thanks for visiting my website. If you are a student feel free to click "teaching" on the left and select your course for course materials. The other tabs are self explanatory. If you have any questions email me at aveyj@cwu.edu


 Some quick facts about me can be seen below:


Relationship Status: Overwhelmingly Happily Married to Christy since 2001.


Kids: Yes. Four of them (all mine!). Two boys, two girls. Amazing gifts.


Teaching Experience: Since 2007 I have taught Human Resource Management, HR Capstone, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management, Strategic Management, Leadership and Organizational Staffing.


Work Experience: Boeing. Other consulting throughout the years at Fortune 500 firms.


Education: 2007 PhD University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Go Big Red). Content domains of leadership, human resource management, organizational behavior, research methods.


Published Papers: About 40


Book Chapters: Lost Count


Conference Presentations: Somewhere between 30 and 40. Don't count anymore.


Journals for which I review: 12


Awards: Email me if you really want to know. aveyj@cwu.edu


Hometown: Moved a bit but all in Washington. Born in Wenatchee.


Hobbies: Camping, Big Game Hunting, Screaming at my computer during the NFL season.


Religious Views: Jesus


Political Views: Annoyed Mostly.


Countries Visited: Between 30 and 40.


Things you may not know: I do not have television service at all. I play classical piano music.


Bucket list: Complete.